I’m Guillermo, a digital designer and developer working on meaninful projects, remotely from 😎 Valencia.

I’ve worked ⛏ both in-house 👩‍💻 for small companies and also for larger digital agencies with big 💎 clientes, but currently I’m 🆓lancing.

What I do

My work is mainly focused on web design and development, but I normally get involve into the identity design and all the graphics that would represent your company or organisation. I like to work with small business, startups or organisations where a digital presence is key to start or boost their goals.

I love working with individuals whose business is focused on creating a positive impact in the world. Together we can work to bring something good into our society and help others along the way.

If you have a business or are starting a brand new one and needs someone to build a new website, improve or redesign a existing one, or maybe a startup who needs help with their online presence, don't hesitate contacting me

If you’ve got a project that you care about and you need a designer and developer… Let’s get connected